I Got a Hug From James McCartney

That’s right, I got a hug from Paul McCartney’ son… I just- wow… It’s been 5 days since the concert and I still don’t know how to react. I still can’t believe I’ve never heard his music before, it’s AMAZING. (seriously, go listen to his album The Blackberry Train)

James was so sweet when I met him, quiet, but sweet. I’ve read from a blog post that he was a bit rude and refused to sign older stuff. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, he may refuse to sign older stuff, or things involving his dad, but how would you feel if people only wanted your signature because your dad is a rock god? He didn’t have to come out and sign autographs, he didn’t even have to go on tour!

When James was coming out to sign stuff, I went up to him and said, “I know you’ve already heard me say this about 10,000 times, (I was screaming “I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!!!” between songs) but.. I love you,”

At this point I was the most nervous I had ever been in my life, I didn’t know how he was going to respond, or if he didn’t like me… but then he replied, “aw, thank’s darling”

“HE CALLED ME DARLING!!!!!!!!!!” I whisper-screamed to my mum when we were getting in line to get my CD and poster signed. I was struck with yet another bout of nervousness when I asked him to sign my poster and CD, (I only stumbled over 9 words) I think he barely even understood me.

Then, I asked him for a hug… I have no idea why, but I consider a concert somewhat of a failure if I don’t hug one of the band members (mostly Beatles tribute acts). With a small smile, he said “sure,” and hugged me. I still remember that hug perfectly, I remember the feeling of his arms around me and the feeling of his slightly sweaty t-shirt under my hand. It was the one time I’ve felt the most appreciated in my life. I felt blessed by his choice of words while meeting him, I felt blessed by his sweat particles on my hand, I felt blessed by his presence. He didn’t have to hug me, he didn’t have to sign people’s posters and CD’s, he didn’t even have to go on tour. Needless to say, hugging him was the best few seconds of my life, and I feel eternally grateful that he made me the happiest I’ve ever been, only for a few seconds.